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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

East Ridge Topography and Ski Runs

Chatter Creek's East Ridge Topography and Ski Runs
The East Ridge topography and named ski runs. The contour lines are at 100 ft intervals. Click the image to enlarge it. The East Ridge Super Road marks the crest of the ridge from the Nose, in the south to Super Spruce. The East Creek pickup road traverses the base of East Ridge, just above the tenure boundary (heavy line) which follows the valley bottom between East Ridge and Vertebrae Ridge. The Jo-Pal to East Creek (Super Jo-Pal) ski run follows the tenure boundary from upper Jo-Pal to the end of the road (unmarked arrow).

On the east side of the ridge, EMOP, the Skinny, the Fat, Sweet & Sour and the Left Nostril drop from the ridge to the pickup road. Primo, Salsa and Percy's Knob are partial runs between EMOP and the Skinny. EMOP & Percy's Knob have open glades at the top that drop into trees. Primo and Salsa provide mainly tree skiing while the Skinny and the Fat are mainly open glades with a band of trees at the top. There are a number of unnamed tree skiing runs on the east side of the ridge.

On the west side of East Ridge, Super Spruce and Super Bowl (not marked) are large open alpine slopes at the northern extent of the "Super Road". Low on "upper" East Ridge are two slide paths, Spruce Slide #1 and #2 that are accessed from Megahooped (Road to Vertebrae Glacier).
Starting from the ridge, well south of Super Spruce, are Bad Boys, MJ Gully, Tin Horn, Hidden Valley, Roller Coaster, and Brier, followed by the Enchanted Forest and the Right Nostril of the Nose. These largely provide tree skiing that opens onto a large cut block called, Lower Clear Cut. Of these runs, the Enchanted Forest is most often skied.
The Lodge site is shown at the lower left hand corner of the image. The Chatter Creek Main is the access road from Bush Arm of Kinbasket Lake


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